Amnesia is a State of Mind

As you walk through the gates of Amnesia Music Festival, the chaos of society fades away… You’ll forget about stress, drama and troubles of daily life in order to make room for only good vibes…

Invisible positive energy-bubbles will fill the air at parasasa beach. The positive energy will be adopted by your nervous system and minds, bodies and souls will experience a different state of mind. A united feeling will arise.

On the 16th of September 2017, Amnesia Music Festival will take you on an extraordinary journey through your mind and senses, where the journey itself is the destination.

On this journey, you will encounter two phenomenal stages with the best music, astonishing light shows, exceptional entertainment by the top of the line performers, excellent vip lounges and fully stocked bars to quench your thirst as you dance the night away.

See you Saturday September 16th at 16:00


Ticket selling points

Van den Tweel - Quiznos - Pleincafe Wilhelmina - Bruna

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Tips & Tricks

Here are some tips to optimize your amnesia experience.
  1. Most important have fun!!!
  2. Do not forget to bring your sunglasses
  3. Get there early: sometimes the best experiences are in the after noon, when the sun is shining and the music pounding
  4. Apply and re-apply sunscreen: Don’t be cocky use it or you’ll look like Mr. crabs
  5. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate: This seems like common sense, but enough people forget to drink. If you’re outside all day drinking and sweating, you need to replace what you are losing
  6. Make sure you had a good night sleep
  7. Pack light: Bring only the essentials, you have to carry and dance with them all night long
  8. Dress to impress
We also have some last minute info
  1. Wear good shoes
  2. Car parking at WTC
  3. Tickets at the door are limited
  4. Guestlist CLOSES at 22pm! No exceptions!